Surgical & Interventional Training Center

The SITC features scalable facilities for tissue and animate exercise and is an ACS-Accredited Education Institute.

  • Surgical Skills Labs
    • One 21 station surgical skills lab
    • Two 7 station labs, which can be combined into 14 stations
  • Each station is fully boomed with complete patientgrade anesthetic, operating, and instrumentation capability for multiple specialties
  • All stations are supported by an on-site tissue bank, accredited vivarium, washer and sterilizer
  • 11 operating microscopes
  • Imaging
    • 4 C-arm fluoroscopes
    • 64-slice CT scanner
    • 4 ultrasound machines, to include endoscopic probes
  • Complete operating rooms
    • Hybrid catheterization and operating suite
    • Trauma operating room
  • Ability to change room conditions in sights, sound, and temperature to create different operating environments
  • Robotics suite with four da Vinci® Si robots
  • Privacy glass
  • AV capabilities at 5 master stations
  • Complete lab and room AV connectivity
  • Two classrooms, seating 36 and 18 (classroom style), and one conference room, seating 10 (board room style)

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Education Center

The EC promotes education through interactive conferencing capabilities.

  • 200-person, semicircular, tiered auditorium, hard-wired for satellite video-conferencing, audience response system and high-speed internet access with Wi-Fi and direct connection capabilities
  • 4 adjacent classrooms
    • Removable airwall merges two classrooms
    • Flexible seating in three classrooms
  • Amphitheater-style, tiered fixed classroom (seating 50)
  • Executive board room (seating 38)
  • Break-out space for social networking
  • Dining space for 200
  • Catering kitchen
  • Exhibit space
  • Built-in registration desk

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Virtual Patient Care Center

The VPCC leverages simulation technology that assists health
professionals to improve their clinical skills in a risk-free environment.
Accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

  • Expertise in simulation-based curriculum development
  • 6 standardized patient exam rooms
  • 5 large team training rooms
  • 3 debriefing rooms
  • 8 individual training rooms (partial task and virtual trainers)
  • Audiovisual recording of simulated scenarios for debriefing
  • Partial task trainers in airway, central line placement, lumbar puncture, trauma resuscitation and diagnostic ultrasound
  • Surgical simulators for endoscopic, laparoscopic, endovascular, urologic and gynecologic procedures
  • High-fidelity human patient (adult, pediatric, and neonatal), combat casualty and birthing simulators
  • Standardized patients
  • Computer lab
  • Expert debriefers
  • Customized training of interprofessional teams
  • Virtual inpatient pharmacy, including dedicated space for order entry, unit dose medication preparation, and sterile compounding
  • Virtual outpatient pharmacy, including dedicated space for order entry, medication preparation and compounding, patient counseling, and point-of-care testing
  • Pharmacogenomics Clinical Training Center located within the virtual pharmacy
  • Adaptable space to create a variety of healthcare settings: clinics, intensive care units, newborn nurseries, labor and delivery suites, emergency rooms, and inpatient wards

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Tampa Bay Research & Innovation Center

TBRIC utilizes a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers and engineers to assist medical device companies during the entire medical device lifecycle: from device conceptualization, development and pre-clinical/validation testing, through sales force and healthcare provider training.


  • TBRIC is a central hub for the entire medical device life cycle:
    • Conceptualization and Design
    • Development and Prototyping
    • Device and Procedural Simulation
    • Medical Device Validation Labs
    • Human Factors Engineering
    • Healthcare Focus Groups
    • Clinical Immersion Programs for Key Opinion Leaders and Engineers
    • Training Programs for Engineers, Sales force and Physicians
    • QSR compliance
  • Engineering Capabilities:
    • Computer Aided Design and Analysis utilizing
    • SolidWorks Solutions
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Mechanical Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping
    • Electronic Circuit Analysis
  • Medical Device Testing and Simulation:
    • Human Factors Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • Usability Studies
    • Device Validation Studies
    • Testing, evaluation and validation of medical devices, technologies and prototypes utilizing surgical/procedural simulation within the surgical and clinical environment

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